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Panties (2)
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  • Plus Size Maternity Safety Pants
  • Size:M - 3XL
  • Colour: Black / Grey / White
  • Material: Nylon + Cotton
  • Function: Stomach Lifting & Supporting, Safety Protect
  • Adjustable waist part, super elastic fabric
  • Soft, skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable
  • Freely wear without any pressure 
  • Brand: VIRENE
  • Size: M - 2XL
  • Specification: 3 Pcs Perpack (Grey, Purple, Brown)
  • Material: Cotton
  • Women Pregnant Panties - Adjustable, High Waist, Comfy, Soft, Antibacterial, Breathable
  • Thread manufacturing, giving elasticity
  • 3D hip lift design, anti-pinch hip, heightened back waist design
  • Abdomen adjustment buckle design, no matter how big the belly is, there are multiple adjustments that change with pregnancy
  • Double crotch fabric, resist the intrusion of harmful substances, allowing you to pass the pregnancy cycle comfortably
  • Widened crotch, protect you and your baby on a larger scale, and effectively prevent harmful substances from entering
  • Elastic hem, quality workmanship, precise wiring, rigorous process technology
  • Pure cotton burns without heavy smoke, burning material into powder
  • Formaldehyde free & no fluorescence

Size: M - 2XL (Measurement chart is available in images & description)
Colour: Black / Brown
Material: Model + Cotton
Weight: 0.2kg

  • Features:
  • Soft and breathable cotton material, provides a comfortable experience.
  • High elestic material does no harm to the baby inside.
  • V shape support design, holds the abdomen gently.
  • Widen back design, prevent from slipping down.
  • Relieve the gravity and make the expectant mother more relaxed during pregnancy.
  • Double care fabric’s excellent ventilation ensure good air permeability and moisture absorption ,good washing-resilience.
  • Use precise exquisite workmanship, adopt thoughtful design of side seams put forward, no body sensation when sleeping sideways makes you feel considerate and intimate.