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  • Just CC Slimming Girdle
  • Size: S - XL
  • Colour: Black / Brown
  • Weight: 0.1kg


  • Why you choose us?
  • Dressing ugly
  • Abdominal fat accumulation
  • Difficult to maintain
  • 1 pc slimming pants, Say goodbye with obese body
  • Suspension Pant, Dispensing process, Seamless stitching, Elastic, Slim & Hip up, Postpartum shaping, High elasticity, Lightweight, Leg compression, Breathable material, Shape the buttocks, Slim Waist, Postpartum shaping, Hip up, Warm uterus.
  • Strong Elastic, instantly shape a small waist, manage free fat, flatten excess fat on the abdomen.


  • High elastic material
  • - More comfortable


  • High waist & soft
  • - Give you a sense of freedom


  • Daily Wearing
  • Slim fit design, easy to match clothes, at the same time also can slim thigh.


  • Hip lift ring design
  • 3D cutting, pressurized buttocks to tighten the buttocks


  • Elastic slimming
  • Put pressure on the abdomen, wrap around on both sides, pull in the abdominal muscles, stand on a flat abdomen, instantly shape a small waist


  • Breathabe material
  • Smooth hand feeling and strong breathability. 4 pcs stainless steel, no roll up. Skin-friendly, breathable and fit to your body


  • The leg lengthening design effectively tightens excess fat on the thighs


  • 1 Pc 3 Functins
  • Hip up + Slimming + Safety pant


  • 1 pant multi wearing
  • Outwear
  • Yoga
  • Safety Pant
  • Postpartum shaping
  • Sedentary office worker


  • Hip up in 1 second
  • Wearing out peach hip


  • 5 x 3D Shaping
  • 3 x Elastic
  • JUST CC Tummy Control Girdle Pants Barbie Pant
  • Size: S - XL
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 3 Quarter / 5 Quarter / 9 Quarter
  • Comfortable, Lightweight, Breathable Material
  • Tightens and Flattens Tummy
  • Medium to Firm Control, Prevent Rolling
  • Offers Back Support + Waist Slimming + Hip Lifting

Colour: Black
Size: M - 3XL
Weight: 0.16kg

Refuse rolling
Avoid cellulite
Abdominal fat accumulation
Bilateral strong pressure tighten
Flat buttocks
Support hips
Round peach butt
Strong pressure
Anti bacterial crotch
Longger anti exhaust
Body shaping
Seamless fabric
Slim waist effective
Manage hip fat
No stuffy
Hollow Vents

Hip Lift
Shape 3D buttocks. The bulit-in buttocks lift line can effectively lift the buttocks curve, shape the sexy peach buttocks, and be a confident woman!

Hook Perssurization
Build a good figure. Slim your body and show your self-confidence

Hook Pressure Flatten Belly
Double force. Strong pressure to tighten the waist.
- 3 rows 9 hooks
- Adjustable comfort
- Strong binding
- Squeeze the belly

Back Off Design
Portable back-off design, you can go to toilet with a gentle pull, easy and not embarrassing.

Antibacterial Crotch
Honeycomb bottom crotch, breathable and moisture-absorbing, caring for women's health, and refreshing all day.

Anti-exhaust Girdle
Additional lenghten girdle, fit the things, full of elasticity, not thght, not stinging, safe and anti-exhausting.

Front Row Pressurization
Double-layer tightening and compression, muti-breasted buttons can be adjusted at will, effectively tightening the abdomen.

  • Size: S - XL (Please check our measurement chart)
  • Colors: Black & Brown
  • Function: Waist support, shaping, no trace, hip lifting, body shaping, abdomen
  • High-elastic shaping fabric, let you shape healthily, scientifically.
  • The two-way cross retracts the hip lifting line and double-layers lift the hips.
  • It can restrain the pelvis that has enlarged and expanded due to production and the hips with sagging and decreasing skin due to age.
  • Put on at least feel that the hip line is lifted by 2-3 cm, which has obvious effect of tightening and correcting.
  • The double-layer reinforced pelvic belt pressurizes the pelvis and displays peach hips.
  • Cotton bottom design, soft and breathable.

Size: Free Size
Colour: Black / Brown
- Negative ion girdle
- High waist safety pant
- Alloy steel bone
- No roll up
- Honeycomb design of bottom crotch
- Seamless
- Comfortable
- Breathable
- Hip Lift Up

  • Brand: VIRENE
  • Size: S - 5XL
  • Material: Cotton + Spandex
  • Color: Black & Brown
  • New Version VIRENE Girdle Pants + Adjustable Hooks 
  • Super elastic than normal girdle
  • Two-way pressure on both sides of the waist to flatten excess fat on the abdomen
  • Scientific version of the design, lifting to close the loose fat of the buttocks, making the buttocks upright and charming
  • New Nano Resilient Fishbone Design, two fish bones behind the waist can effectively prevent the waistband from falling, curling or wrinkling
  • High-quality breathable seamless design, comfortable and tight, high elasticity, not stuffy
  • Specially designed to hide the bucket waist, big hips, tummy & giant thigh


Name: New Version 4 Tulang Bengkung Body Shaper Waist Slimming Shapewear

Size: S - 3XL (Measurement chart available in image)

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Spandex + Polyster + Polyster Blends

Free Adjustment - 6 Hooks 13 buckle design

Stainless Steel Bones - Memory Alloy

Breathable Mesh Design - Seamless, Comfortable, Soft

Additional Design - More Fashion & Elegant 

Suitable for sport occasion, postpartum recovery, body shaping, waist slimming, tummy control, belly reduce, spine correction, correcting pelvic anteversion

  • Brand: VIRENE
  • Size: L - 4XL
  • Colors: Black & Brown
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Features: Waist Slimming, Hip Up, Abdomen, Tummy Flatten, Slim Belly

Item: Women Slimming Girdle Panties 


Colors: Black, Brown

Size: M - 2XL

Material: 89% Polyester + 11% Spandex

Features: Waist Slimming, Seamless, Hip Up, Super Soft, Comfortable, Breathable, Elegant Design, Charming, Anti-pilling, Suitable for all occasions 

Weight: 0.13kg

  • Style: Men Girdle Bengkung Body Shaper Slimming Corset
  • Brand: VIRENE
  • 100% New & Good Condition
  • Comfortable & Skin-friendly


  • Colour: Black and White
  • Size: M / L / XL / 2XL
  • Reduce tummy effectively, no hemming.
  • Comfortable to wear, breathable fabric.
  • High spandex fabric compresses thigh fat strongly.
  • Lift sagging buttocks quickly, making your hips upward.
  • Invisible, seamless and anatomically shaped in order to provide you with maximum comfort.
  • High waist and high elastic fabric offer firm and strong shaping control for your waist and hip.
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Size: M/ L / XL
  • Reduce tummy effectively, no hemming
  • Comfortable to wear, breathable fabric
  • High spandex fabric compresses thigh fat strongly
  • U-shaped design lift sagging buttocks quickly, making your hips upward. The lifting bands shape and sculpt your buttocks
  • Invisible, seamless and anatomically shaped in order to provide you with maximum comfort
  • High waist and high elastic fabric offer firm and strong shaping control for your waist,leg and hip

Kelebihan Bamboo Infrared Girdle

- Membakar lemak di bahagian perut, pinggang, pinggul, punggung, peha

-Menghilangkan cellulite di peha dan punggung
-Memanaskan badan
-Tak ada tulang
-sesuai yang mempunyai masalah perut buncit dan punggung 'jatuh'
-membantu mengempiskan perut
-merampingkan pinggang


√ Designed to support from shoulder to thigh to prevent hips and thighs muscle from sagging

√ High quality strap

√ High-quality double layer material for perfect waist wrap

√ Opening hole design that matched any panty/underwear and hassle-free when going to toilet

√ Firm fitting yet comfortable with thigh alimming effetct and lace bottom design

  • Size: S to 3XL
  • Shaping your body and push up your buttocks
  • Soft and light, breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Breathable mesh design, smooth, breathable fabric
  • Function: tighten hip, pelvis correction, body slimming
  • Body sculpting Pelvis Correction Slimming Pelvic Belt
  • Seamless connection high waist shaping body underwear