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  • Brand: BIOAQUA (100% Original)
  • Product Specification: 30g x 5 Units
  • 5 Units Perpack - Shea butter + Rose + Green Tea + Raspberry + Grapefruits
  • Suitable for office lady, always doing houseowork women, and all of the women who need
  • Suitable for dead skin barbs, dry peeling and dry cracks hand
  • Product features: Moisturizing / Tender / Smooth / Delicate
  • No wrinkles in summer
  • Even skin tone, remove dullness of hands
  • Nourish and smooth your rough hand
  • Repair barbs and reduce handprints
  • No oily & sticky feel
  • Lightweight texture + good spreadability = easy to apply and absorb
  • Usage: Take out an appropriate amount, apply on hands and massage till absorb
  • Precautions:  If you feel unwell, please stop using it. Please avoid use on the skin around the eyes. Please stay away from children. Keep in a cool place and avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Brand: BIOAQUA (100% Authentic)
  • Product Specification: 100g
  • Refreshing and dense foam 
  • Gently clean facial skin dirt and excess oil
  • Help to remove acne
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Before using this product, it is recommended to test the skin behind the ear. If you feel unwell, please stop using it. Please avoid use on the skin around the eyes. Please stay away from children. Keep in a cool place and avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

·Hydrates and lock water

·Tighten skin

·Gently moisturize skin

·Regulates oil secretion

·Shrink pores

·Improve dry


·Gentle care for the skin

·Moisturizing ingredients for smooth and delicate skin

·Nourishes the skin and helps improve skin dryness

·Hydrating and moisturizing, lasting moisturizing

·Extract aloe vera, gentle and delicate, care for delicate skin

·Replenishes the moisture and nutrients required by the skin

·It is refreshing and non-greasy at the same time

·Soothes and hydrates without irritation


·Soothes and clear skin  

·Refreshing and moisturizing

·Balances oils, cleanses skin without tension

·Gentle and clean

·Cleanses skin and cleanses excess facial oils


·Light and fine texture

·Smooth and close to skin

·Natural and easy to use

·Moisturizing and repairing          

·Skin is tender and flawless

  • ·Replenish required skin moisture
  • ·Reveal smooth
  • ·Smooth Radiance
  • ·Nourish and soothing          
  • ·Tender and delicate
  • ·Remove acne  
  • ·Balance water and oil of skin
  • ·Make the skin supple and smooth
  • ·Gentle care for skin            
  • ·Scar Remove
  • ·Moist texture
  • ·light and delicate
  • ·not greasy
  • ·replenish moisture and nutrients
  • ·gentle care
  • ·nourishing
  • ·hydrating
  • ·12 Charming color in 1 set
  • ·various color to match your daily fashion ootd
  • ·Moisturizing
  • ·Long lasting
  • Color available: Classic Red, Retro Red, Rose Purple, Berry Red, Cheery Red, Carmine, Barbie Pink, Bright Orange, Coral Red, Tender Red, Peach Pink, Playful Pink
  • Light and docile
  • Natural and comfortable
  • Gentle care to help improve fatigue and sleep quality
  • Can be attached for 8 hours
  • Relieve shoulder, neck, back and limb pressure
  • Protecting feet
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Detox
  • ·Selection of natural skin care ingredients, rich in a variety of nutrients, multiple hydrolysates available to the skin.
  • ·Moisturizing, nourishing the skin and making the skin fine and smooth
  • ·Oil control, suitable for oily skin
  • ·Delicate, not greasy, fresh and natural.
  • ·Acne Scars Marks Prints Reduces
  • ·Whitening Soften Tender Skin
  • ·Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Aging, Anti-Acnes
  • ·Gentle and easy to absorb, quickly replenish the skin with water and nutrition.
  • ·Improve dry, lack of water, dull, large pores and other skin problem.
  • ·Glowing Skin
  • ·Elastic Youthful Skin
  • ·Firming Skin
  • ·Gently nourish the skin, make the skin shiny and supple.
  • ·Gentle clean makeup
  • ·Balanced Face Water Oil
  • ·Refreshing texture, not greasy
  • ·Help in improve skin tension and uncomfortable
  • ·After use, skin is clean, tender and moist
  • ·Contains botanical extracts
  • Portable size, easy to carry
  • Suitable for professional use or home use
  • Keep your lips a long soft,
  • Moistening maintenance, Makeup effect lasting
  • Strong Waterproof, Water embellish is bright, Give you lips a long lasting luscious color
  • 100% new high quality.
  • Give your lips a lasting sweet color.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • ~Even more natural and long lasting
  • ~Triangle pencil point uses multiple angles to create sharp line
  • ~Soft touch make for easy application
  • ~A variety of natural shades to match any hair color or skin tone
  • ~Light pigmentation to cover natural eyebrows perfectly
  • ~Durable and strong formula that won't break easily